Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid of any kind such as FASFA, Military education grants, or any other government/federal aid is not accepted here because we are a religious, non-secular educational facility. We do consider financial arrangements, and when available, will provide scholarships for those in need.

Do I have to pay all of the tuition at once?

Courses can be purchased one at a time or up to as many as the student wants.

Do I need to take all of the courses at once?

All students are encouraged to study at their own pace. We care about the information you retain.

How much are the textbooks?

CIAMSS courses are sent to the student in a PDF format. If the student requires a textbook, they will need to contact us for printing and shipping costs. We feel that the PDF format is much more cost effective for the student as well as helpful for our environment.

What other expenses are involved?

There is a $5.00 exam fee added to each course when an order is placed. Other expenses will include a thesis submittal when necessary, and a $30.00 application fee if enrolling as a certification or degree student.

When do classes start?

Did I miss the deadline? Classes start when the student is ready. Keep an eye on the website. We will be introducing virtual classrooms very soon, meanwhile look for classes on our Classes and Events page or contact your local charter.

Can I take a single class without having to enroll in as a degree or certification student?

Yes. An adult education student does not have to enroll for a certification or degree. We do however need current contact information for that student. Also, an adult education student can change their mind and continue their education as a degree or certification student at any time, without losing credit for any course they have taken.

How long will it take me to become certified or obtain a degree?

Each student is encouraged to study at their own pace. It depends on how much effort is put into the work. Scheduled courses that a student attends in person will give a more stringent time frame than an on-your-own type of study program.

Is there an opportunity for me to work at the College?

We encourage our certified Metaphysical Teachers to conduct their own classes, as well as run their own CIAMSS Charters.


Why is positive thinking important to a metaphysical belief system?

Positive thinking is important because metaphysics teaches that the mind controls our reality. It you think it, it is so, We encourage ourselves to believe in the best so that we can manifest this in our lives, We know that apparent good does not always happen and we also know that this is so because our interpretation of good is not always the same as that of the Universe.

God knows what is best for our Highest Good, and it is the Highest Good of the body, mind and spirit that we are trying to achieve. What pleases us one minute may not always please us the next God, the Eternal, knows what is always the Ultimate Best. When we pray we say "Thy will be done". Since we create our own world, our attitude toward our world is all that we can completely control, and is the key in creating the best world for our Soul.

In what kind of God do metaphysicians believe?

To the Metaphysician -- God is the creative, active force in the Universe from which all scientific, natural and spiritual laws are derived, This beneficent force is creating a friendly Universe today, as it was in the beginning. The more we go into quiet meditation and seek this link with Good the more we know and the greater our awareness becomes.

A wonderful and unseen force is alive and active through us. Life is a precious gift from the creative intelligence of God. We express this force best through Love, Understanding, Wisdom and Truth. Each creative thinker knows there is a Source somewhere within. Each child knows that he/she, alone, is not enough! We are not alone. God, referred to in various religions by different names, is the same God - The Creator of us all.

Is metaphysics a religion?

While metaphysics is practiced by many as a religion, it is basically an ethical belief system. Unity, Religious Science and Science of the Mind are examples of metaphysical religions. There are many who consider themselves metaphysicians but attend no worship services. However, they live their lives every-day in a metaphysical pattern. There is a great comfort in belonging to a group of people who think as you do but metaphysics makes no requirements for member-ship in any organization.



What is meditation?

We have mentioned meditation, just what is it? Meditation is a formal time to relax and go within - to dwell in the Silence and to become increasingly aware of the God within. Meditation is a key ingredient to Metaphysics, as it is the single most important act in a metaphysician's life. All the great Saints and Mystics have reported that their quiet time of "practicing the Presence of God" was the most important experience in their quest to became closer to God.

Meditation is used to quiet oneself externally (turning off distractions such as TV, telephone, etc.) and internally (turning off everyday thoughts such as school, housework, people) and becoming aware of the inner world of silence.

Here in the quiet, one can realize a connection with the Universe and a commonality with all of life

This quiet time gives a chance for renewed energy and health through relaxation. New studies on stress reduction have shown conclusive results in terms of the therapeutic effect of blood pressure reduction, migraine headaches, and other stress related problems. The meditative state is the
best place to solve one's challenge and get fresh insight into the complexities of life.


Do metaphysicians believe in the Bible?

To the Metaphysician the Bible is based on inspired revelation. This ancient and inspired book has a great deal of food for thought, We believe that each one of us is capable of inspired revelation as we seek to understand what Jesus, meant when he said certain things. For example he said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do, shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do." (John 14:12)

Metaphysicians have given great study to interpreting the Bible as a guide to right thinking and ethical behavior. Along with the study of the Bible we study the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita, the Jainist Siddhanta, the Buddhist Triptaka, the Sikhist Granth, the Taoist Tao Te Ching, the Analects of Confucianism, the Shinto philosophy of Kami, the Parsi Avesta, the Torah and Talmud of Judaism, and the Islamic Koran. We believe each person is capable of great inspired thinking and personal revelation.

Do metaphysicians believe in Jesus?

Metaphysicians believe that Jesus was a master metaphysician and a great teacher of metaphysical principles. His ministry was based on positive thinking, love, harmlessness, brotherhood, sowing and reaping and healing. He meditated regularly and gave us a system to reach His and our Father, God. His life is a prime example of a Mystical Life in action for the good of all. We also study the lives as such great figures as Socrates, Confucius, Gautama the Buddha, Zoraster, Abraham, Mohammed, and Lao-tzu.

Do metaphysicians believe in prayer?

The Metaphysician believes in prayer. One kind of prayer we use is called an Affirmation. It is a simple statement of Truth. We do not cajole, bargain or plead with God. We know our Good is here now and we look to recognize this within ourselves. Ever present help is ours through this method of acknowledgment of God at work in our lives.

Do metaphysicians believe in life after death?

Most metaphysicians believe in life after death. Certainly the continuity of life is very important to those who believe in reincarnation. The current research done of those returning from a death experience shows that there is a "somewhere" beyond "here". Even before this modern research, Mystics have told us of their experiences visiting in other realms. It is easy to see in Nature the changing of one energy into another. Consider the acorn and the Oak Tree. So it is with human energy. It is transformed rather than terminated.

Do metaphysicians believe in reincarnation?

Most metaphysicians believe in reincarnation. The cycle of life is a tenant of many religions, even that of early Christians. More than three-fourths of the world's population believe in some form of reincarnation, The idea that former lives affect this one is most important when we understand the subconscious mind and its value to us as a mind tape recorder. If thoughts from former lives are trapped there, we must understand how they are affecting this life and our response to current situations. Many have had recall of former lives in meditation. This subject is worthy of further research and a great deal is currently under way in this field today.

What Is Karma?

Karma is an eastern term used to express the scientific law of cause and effect. It is one of the Universal Laws that explain how life works. Each molecule is made up of a positive and negative force, these two act on each other to cause a vibration. Without these two opposing forces, there would be no life. Everything in life acts and reacts because of this pull. Science teaches that everything is vibrating, including matter which includes the physical body. With each lifetime, we are trying to reach a balance as we create our reality from these two forces. That is why the law of sowing and reaping is a scientific and spiritual law called Karma.

Do metaphysicians believe In ESP?

Many Metaphysicians believe in Extra Sensory Perception. All are open to the thought that it is possible. Counseling that allows one person to touch the mental concepts of another is a form of ESP. A psychic, whose gift of perception is above average can often "tune in" to another's level of awareness and be helpful by sharing insights. Many inspired people (Christ, Buddha, Mohammed) granted interviews in centuries past, to share their understanding of life and to help people apply these principles for a better life. This is one of the ways we make use of the Universal Mind. Many modern Metaphysicians investigate and practice such paranormal subjects as mental telepathy, precognition, psychism, astral projection, and alternative healing, just to name a few.

Do metaphysicians believe in Faith Healings?

Metaphysicians throughout the ages have practiced what you know as "Faith Healing." With God all things are possible. There is a wide variety of healing experiences today, and faith is a major ingredient in receiving healing from any of these. A strong desire to give us the thoughts that brought about the condition is even more important.

It sometimes takes intercessory prayer from another person to turn around a condition one has incurred. Only when the emotions of illness are set right can an effective healing take place. We know that fear, greed, revenge, jealousy, anxiety and frustration are seeds of disease, When the body is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in harmony it is "at ease" and is healthy. When it is at "dis-ease", illness follows. Life will never fail to give us what is right for our growth. When we put ourselves in harmony with the Divine Mind, illness is overcome.

Is there a relationship between the holistic movement and metaphysics?

Both recognize the interaction of Mind, Body and Spirit. Metaphysics teaches that as a person thinks, so he/she is. If your thoughts are negative, you will manifest illness. In Holistic medicine, like Metaphysics, self-responsibility is stressed. Patient participation is encouraged in every aspect through attitude, diet, exercise and education. There can be no separate compartment called "Health". All of life reflects our level of consciousness.

What is an aura?

The Aura is light which surrounds any object. This light is actually electromagnetic particles vibrating at a higher speed than the mass they surround. Metaphysicians have known about the aura for centuries, but only within recent years has the scientific world acknowledged its existence. Now, through Kirilian Photography, we are able to photograph and note the changes in the aura affected by our health, emotions and mind set. Much research is needed in this field.

Do metaphysicians get involved in prosperity and abundance training?

Metaphysicians believe that life is abundant. We do not have to be poor in order to be spiritual. Our goal is "Everything we need and Desire". We know we can stop the flow of Good if we hoard or are greedy. A big part of prosperity thinking is giving and letting the flow came to us. Ideas are energy and that energy can be converted into worldly goods or into creative artistic concepts.

The quest for God takes us everywhere into the market place, into the schools, into human relationships. The mind, through divine inspiration can provide abundantly for everyone. To achieve this prosperity we use meditation, prayer, and creative visualization.


Do metaphysicians have Gurus?

A Guru is only a teacher. Some people in metaphysics have Gurus — most do not. Often we find people studying with a variety of teachers. We also teach that each person can be inspired on his/her own and became his/her own teacher. The great devotion that Eastern religions teach by the Guru method can be an important step in a person's growth and development. There is much to be learned from one who has traveled the Path of Truth longer than you. Nothing is more inspiring than a spiritual life, well lived. But self-responsibility always came first.

When all is said and done we find that whenever we have ever needed guidance, God has never failed to give it. For any sincere questions we have asked, an answer has come. It is not always an answer that we want to hear, or that we expect to hear, or that we understand, and it does not always come immediately, but it is always one that works.

If spiritual guidance comes to you through a person or science, then use it wisely, but do not become enamored with it. All sciences are of God, let them be used to glorify Him, and not for the sake of others. It is a positive sign that we seek guidance, for it indicates that we have a sense of a worthwhile path that we would like to follow, and that it is important to us to make the right choice. To realize that guidance is available to us from a Source within ourselves is the most magnificent awakening of all. It means that God has not deserted us and that He is delighted to help us, for, in Truth, He is us.

Are there metaphysical laws and rules that must be observed?

There is no dogma or strict code for a Metaphysician. Most metaphysicians have developed for themselves a standard of behavior based on Universal Laws. These laws are guides to our consciousness. Following are some of the thoughts that give us our individual principles and freedom to create our own philosophy and the right to dictate our own terms with life:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We call this Universal Law (Cause and Effect) or sowing and reaping. There is no escaping responsibility for an action. There is always a reaction based on your action. We hold this for thoughts, too. As you think, it is reflected back to you.

  • Self-responsibility is stressed because there is no one else to blame. God does not punish. We create our own problems and solutions.

  • Harmlessness is important because we feel the connection with all living things. God gave us custody over all the earth, all of its creatures and the environment. His human family must take care of and be responsible for this. There is no one else.

  • The law of Grace is our way of acceptance. There is nothing that cannot be forgiven. First you must forgive yourself, then God's Grace is waiting for you. Just ask. All things are forgiven. Learn the lesson behind it and do not repeat it, then you are free of it.

  • Life is teaching us. We want to be aware of the opportunities to learn and awake enough to see the connection with the rest of life.

Do We Have Free Will, Or Is Everything Destined?

This philosophical question is one of the more curious contradictions in the study of metaphysics and free will:

  • Some metaphysicians would argue that a rational universe is always based on cause and effect. That is, every effect is preceded by a cause, all the way back to the First Cause, that being God or the Divine.

  •  On the other side, the act of pure, genuine, uncaused free will is considered somehow to negate the divine rational order and makes the universe seem irrational.

Although certain things may occur in one's life that may be destiny, we do have free will. This is important. And as time passes, our ability to manifest things and situations will accelerate so quickly that we will see that we can create and manifest results quickly and easily. If we can bring about such change, this means we do in fact have free will.

Does metaphysics claim to be the one path to Truth?

There are many ways to lead an ethical life. Each must find his "right way". Our metaphysical search has taken us into every corner of the world, and of humanity's mind in order to find answers to the meaning of life and of our relationship to God.

What Is The New Age?

The New Age movement means different things to different people. However, I feel that most all New Age topics have one basic underlying theme. That theme is personal spiritual development. Every day there are thousands upon thousands of people around the world who are waking up to the knowledge, understanding and realization of who they really are, where they came from, and why they are here.

This collective transformation of individuals can be described as the New Age movement. As a whole, the New Age movement is dynamic, rapidly-growing, and gaining momentum. The New Age movement provides the framework and the tools to assist people with their own personal growth and spiritual development.

The New Age movement itself is somewhat of a paradox, since to organize into some kind of "movement" could be considered to be contrary to the fundamentals of individual spiritual development. That is why there is some ambiguity to the meaning of the New Age, because it can mean different things to people. But that's okay. What is important is that each individual embarks on their own journey of learning, adventure, and discovery.

A key component of the New Age which many people prescribe to is the belief that our planet and its population are literally moving into a New Age. This New Age is one of awakened consciousness where people give up their limited third-dimensional survival mode of existence and awaken to a higher, more enlightened world. This coming New Age is an era of harmony, progress, knowing, and enlightenment.

What about Metaphysics in the New Age? 

The New Age is strongly related to some of the concepts defined in the branch of philosophy commonly referred to as metaphysics. Although the academic branch of metaphysics is most concerned about the nature of ultimate reality, popular metaphysical topics often include discussion and analysis of subjects beyond the physical third dimension. Some examples of metaphysical topics include: free energy, out of body experiences, UFOs, psychic phenomenon, alternative healing, and other topics that our conventional sciences find difficult to explain.

What about All the Various New Age Tools?

A study of the tools of the New Ager can help define the task at hand. A person may include crystals, candles, incense, tarot, runes, a pendulum, bodywork, meditation, toning and chanting, drums, and more. These tools can help a person transcend into various states of consciousness, and thus ultimately help a person turn within to look inside oneself for understanding and awareness. One reason that there are so many different tools to assist the New Ager is that different people find different values within each tool. For many, the Tarot works well. Others like crystals. Others meditate or channel. It matters little how one achieves higher understanding and wisdom. What is most important is that an effort is being made to transcend our limitations and seek out a higher good.


What about Astrology, Numerology, Psychism and all that sort of thing?

Psychic Sciences such as Astrology and Numerology have attracted many New Agers. These tools serve a purpose in exposing the population to a new way of thinking and can provide information below the surface and give insight and advice. Meditation is the best way to get this information, but when someone is blocked, or in a hurry, or just too depressed to make his/her own contact, someone else can tune into that level, through use of these tools, and be helpful. These, however, should be used in moderation, as the Buddha advises us to do in all matters. We feel that going from one reader to another is not a spiritual exercise; it is an effort to escape self-responsibility.

Is the New Age A Kind of Religion? 

Although it may be spiritual, the New Age like metaphysics is far from being a formal religion. In fact, many New Agers tend to shy away from the structure and confines of traditional religious practices. But at the same time the New Age is and can be intensely spiritual. The New Age person often prefers a direct spiritual experience rather than one from organized religion.

All religions are essentially cultural institutions, reflecting the cultures that manifest them. Thus the growth in numbers of people exploring New Age topics would suggest that as individuals and as a society, we are willing to explore alternative explanations of who we are. The New Age is simply one path to choose on the road of spiritual growth. It matters little which label we put on the path, since in the end all paths ultimately converge at the same place. Everyone is searching for the eternal truths to some of life's most challenging questions; it is simply the way that people choose to go about their own search that is different. One reason the New Age path is popular is that it is more concerned with the ultimate truths themselves, rather than the process of how they are arrived at.

Are There Any Common New Age Beliefs?

 Here's an unofficial list of beliefs that some individuals in New Age may have in common:  

  • You create your own reality and destiny. This is a planet of free choice, and you have your own free will.

  • You have certain challenges to face and overcome in this lifetime. If you don't learn your lessons this time, you'll get them again.

  • There is no such thing as coincidence.

  • There is more to life than meets the eye, much more.

  • Nothing really matters in this life unless it is done for the benefit of others.

  • We are not alone.

  • We are multidimensional beings currently having a human experience.

  • We are all receiving more help than we know, from angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and others.

  • We can heal ourselves, our society, and our world.

  • The ultimate transformation for mankind is ascension.

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is a person who is defined by their mission. That mission is to share light and love with others on this planet, empowering them toward their own paradigm shift and spiritual awakening. The lightworker's goal is to help show others that they have a unique spiritual energy, and that they are free to explore and connect with the unlimited universal life force energy available to us all.

As people awaken to their true nature and connect with their higher selves, they too may choose to perform lightwork by manifesting unconditional love into the physical world around them. This goal of manifesting the Christ consciousness onto the earth plane, also known as creating heaven on earth, is a key component of a lightworker's mission.

Do New Age beliefs contradict science?

Many people feel that new age thinking just simply isn't rational. Traditional scientific models often include observation, analysis, testing and measurement. Quite often these things cannot be easily performed on paranormal and metaphysical phenomena. So how can someone believe in something they can't even see, measure, quantify or analyze?

It all comes down to beliefs, and often a deep inner knowing. It involves intuition and trust. It involves listening. It involves a whole lot of things that are currently beyond the scope of accepted scientific thinking.  

The important thing to remember is that new age beliefs don't reject science. Modern science has brought tremendous good to our society in many ways. New age beliefs simply expand beyond accepted thinking in the exploration and search for life's eternal truths.

What is a shaman?

The word “shaman” is often used to refer to a person in a particular community who is chosen by the spirit world to be a spiritual healer (a soul doctor) for the group and its members. The shaman is one who is able to communicate with the spirits, enter trance at will and inspire ecstatic healing in others. These abilities come from the spirit world, but they are honed by the shamanic initiate through practice. The Tao Te Ching describes the master (shaman) as "A man or woman whose life is in perfect harmony with the way things are. This is not an idea; it is a reality.


Joseph Campbell's description Shamanism as: "The shaman is a person, male or female, who has an overwhelming psychological experience that turns him (her) totally inward. The whole unconscious opens up, and the shaman falls into it." (Campbell, The Power of Myth, p. 86)


What are the Shamanic Arts?


The shamanic arts explore modern applications and benefits (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) of consciously voyaging into the wilderness of one's mind for the purposes of healing, increasing communication skills and inspiring arts.


Are Shamans Supernormal Beings?


Shamans are ordinary people, just like everyone else. They happen to have an ability to be able to connect with the spirit world and enter trance, and they dedicate themselves to honing this gift. The shaman is a member of a community who participates in the daily life activities of the group. The old saying goes "before enlightenment, chop wood and haul water. After enlightenment, chop wood and haul water." In the book Trances, anthropologist Audrey Butt wrote of Akawaio shamans in the Amazon, There is no wonder the Akawaio shaman is sometimes called eneogei,"the one who perceives". Yet there is nothing surprising about shamans: they are just like ordinary people. Seeing them hunting each day and fishing, teaching the young how to survive in the forest, or even on a drinking spree with their pals, you would never suspect their skill in the art of trance.



Are all Shamans the same Around the World?


NO! Each culture is different. There are similarities between shamanic cultures, such as Nature connection, belief in the power of the Ancestors and the spirits, and herbal awareness. One similarity is that in many old-ways cultures the shaman was the physician of the group, expected to diagnose and treat sickness. Keep in mind that throughout time people have believed differently about the causes of illness. In our modern culture, people generally believe that sickness is caused by disease. A physical ailment. In pre-technological cultures they most often believed that illness was caused by bad magic. A curse, spell or sorcerer. As our culture uses doctors, shamanic cultures used(s) shamans.


For the most part, however, the way in which each culture used its shamans was different. One shaman might have a gift for prophecy; another might be proficient at connecting with the dead. The details were different, but the purpose was the same, to heal.


How is Shamanism different from "Religions"?


Shamanism is different from the main religions of the world because the God of shamanism, the bringer of salvation, is Nature. Not some God-type human.


To honor Nature, we don't need doctrines, a priest, or a monk, or even a shaman to pray for us. We were each born with an inherent connection to the Divine, and Nature is our connection. Please understand that there is a difference between Nature and culture. Humans have always come up with ways to live with Nature. They have had different languages, prayers and gods, and invariably, they end up saying that their way is best way. This, in my mind, is culture. There are, however, truths. Truths that cut through all religious beliefs and cultures. These truths are in Nature.


Once a person opens their mind and heart to the truth that the world around them, Nature, can speak directly to them, then they don't need an interpreter anymore. Religions tend to want people to believe that the figurehead is needed to assure communication, or even worse, that the figurehead is the only one who can communicate. They seem to ignore the fact that each person on the planet is connected to Nature. The point of religion (from the Latin "to tie again") is to support each person in their practice of letting the Nature outside of them talk to, and guide, the Nature inside of them.


Humans have become so self-absorbed that we have forgotten the great power that we live in every day. This power is the power of the Earth and all that grows on her. Nature is what provides for us, not humans.


Any religion that puts the prosperity of their human followers above the well-being of Nature is not in alignment with the Prime Directive. They are part of the problem. Nature and all of it's spirits are what will remain after religions fall away.


Who can become a Shaman?


Eligibility varies from group to group but there are themes. Generally, there is a "calling" that happens in some way. A person could be called to follow the path of the shaman in two typical ways, to come from a family of shamans, or to have a spontaneous calling such as a near-death experience, a sickness or, for the Akawaio people of the Amazon, epilepsy is a sign of a possible shaman. There are many people who could be eligible to "try out" to be a shaman but this does not mean that all who attempt to do so will be successful. Just as it is probably wise in our society to warn a person not to become a doctor unless she/he is willing to be totally dedicated to the profession, it is not advised to become a shaman apprentice unless she/he is prepared to submit her/his mind to the vacillating and demanding needs of the spirit world. To achieve a receptive condition- to learn how to perceive- requires training, technique and discipline.


Can Women become Shamans?


Many shamans of traditional Nature cultures have been men. This does not, however, mean that women could not be shamans. Traditionally, women have had children, which, of course, took most of their time. Many times a woman would become a shaman after childrearing was complete.


Women make excellent shamans. The intuitive nature of shamanic ability perfectly suits the intuitive strength of women. Before the switch from the worship of the Goddess to the God, women were powerful shamans. In our modern times, women are the perfect candidates to learn how to be shamans, especially women who choose not to have children, or have already raised them.


What is the difference between Shamanism and Wicca?


Wicca is one spiritual tradition based on an agricultural pagan culture of pre-christian northern Europe. Shamans come from cultures all over the world. Most of them were migratory or hunter/cultivator cultures, not agriculturally-based farmers. Settling down in permanent villages and farming was the beginning of the shift away from shamanic culture.


What is "Animism"?


Animism is the understanding that everything is "alive". The rock, the tree, the cloud and the moon all have a spirit, an energy that we can communicate with, if we believe that we can. Animism is the original, worldwide religion. Since every human culture lived together with Nature for thousands, even millions, of years, every human is an Animist at heart.


What is "Magic"?


"Magic" is the Force That Runs Through All Things, as in "The Force" of Star Wars, The Tao of the Taoist Chinese, that which created the Universe and all of us in it. Magic is the force that is constantly creating, and we have to ability to read It, to learn to understand It, to feel It in our lives.


Why is Shamanism Important to the World Today?


Shamanic culture is where we came from, each one of us. Shamanism is important now because in the last thousand years more and more people around the world have turned their backs on Nature, on our host, the Earth. Not only do we not honor it anymore, we are actually poisoning it with our choices. If Earth is poisoned, we are poisoned. Reconnecting with our collective shamanic soul, the part of us that is at one with the cycles of Nature, is the only hope that we, as a human species, have to not make our home completely toxic and barren of the diversity of life on this planet.


Shamanic connection, and service, to the Earth and the Oneness Of All Things is essential to us being able to tie together again the individual will with the cycles of Nature.

A Call to Action

We are one. To grow individually means we all grow a little bit. And that is why now, at this time, it may be essential that all New Agers, lightworkers, starseeds, walk-ins, and others who choose to make a difference work together at this critical time and help each other. It is vitally important to get together with like-minded spiritual souls at this time and amplify the effects of positive energies. Try to link up globally, via the internet, and locally, in your own community. We will leave no one behind.