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 Labeling our children Teaching these “New Children
What CMS can do to help you and your children

CMS “New Children” Education Program

Have you noticed the many magical kids sprouting in your neighborhood? They stand out from the crowd, lit from the inside it seems, with light and love, and they KNOW.... They've become known as the Indigo Children, Children of the Blue Ray, Rainbow Children, Star Children, Millennium Children, the Crystalline Children... whatever the name, the stories are amazing – even shocking! 

All children are psychic. Their spiritual abilities are open and available to them. Unfortunately, children learn very early on to not use these abilities; not trust them, to turn them off. As a parent, it is often hard to watch, listen and communicate with a child while recognizing that they have spiritual gifts..... 

Labeling our children 

Today we are finding ourselves astounded by the wisdom and gifts of our children. Many people have tried to label these children because of these gifts; some but not all include: indigo, crystal, etc. If you have been told or are wondering if your child may fall under one of these labels – stop! The worst thing that you can do to a child is label him or her. Whether it is Indigo or ADD, a label places your child into a box, effectively limiting their creativity and ability to reach their greatest potential. This is a must read course, that will outline the dangerous misconceptions we so quickly leap into, and remind us that in the end it is the – child – not the label that is the gift.

Using labels like "Indigo" to categorize today's children causes more harm than good. The new children have been variously described of late as Indigos (because of the color of their auras), Star Kids (because of their purported origination from other worlds), Crystals (because some say they are highly developed), and so forth. None of these claims hold up to the degree that they are made when subjected to objective research, whether via scientific observation or by the study of mystical/esoteric traditions or through a summary of visionary revelations.

Professionals in the field of child development and education, parents, even the kids themselves, are having problems with the idea that certain character traits are the sole province of special youngsters when, in fact, the vast majority of today's children match those same traits. Being supersensitive, confident, highly intelligent, unusually creative, nonconformist, extraordinarily psychic and spiritually aware, impatient, empathic, able to heal or aid others in significant ways, abstracting at young ages, spatial learners, great at problem-solving yet difficult to parent or educate – these characteristics and many more are typical to the broad span of today's youth worldwide.

Present-day school systems were not designed to educate these children, nor are teachers prepared to handle their "differences." Chief among these "differences" is the surprising array of what some people call "learning disorders." The therapeutic crowd, having finally caught on that labels don't work, simply refers to such youngsters as "quirky kids" with "quirks." The kids themselves just laugh and say: "We're reordered, not disordered."

The labeling fad so popular now began in the late seventies when several psychics started talking about the numbers of children they saw who had purple auras. They named them "Indigos." This was followed in 1999 by the success of Lee Carroll's and Jan Tober's book, The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived. Their success spawned a cottage-industry of books, tapes, toys, clothes, and gadgets, which ballooned out-of-portion by media hype used to promote the idea of "world indigo day" and "indigo revolution" so indigo films would sell.

Most of the people who started this craze meant well. They were psychically sensitive people who noticed something unusual about the children around them and claimed that what they were seeing was widespread. What was widespread were the traits and characteristics they saw, not an indigo aura. The result was an incomplete model that confuses even the most sincere.

Unfortunately, well meaning is not enough to validate observations, especially one as important as what we suspect is happening here – a quantum leap in the evolution of the human species. Much more research is needed. Terming the latest in scientific findings as proof that "Indigos" have arrived is an exaggeration of truth, not an honoring of it. What served initially to alert the general population about the very real fact that today's children are indeed different, is now a hindrance. We have decided to call them “new” only because they are.

We are told that there have always been a scattering of advanced beings alive on Earth who, like "spark-plugs," either uplifted humankind or demonstrated new ideas of what is possible. And it's happening now. Our new children are challenging us in ways we've never been challenged before.

We invite all of you to make room for this notion in your mind and in your life, at least to the extent that you free our children from the exclusivity of the categories they have been boxed into. Toss the labels. Our kids don't need them. What they need are guidance, discipline, lots of love, and parents wise enough to listen before assuming anything.

 Teaching these “New Children” 

The problem that these children face is trying to tell people that they can “see” spirits and talk with them. Some are lucky enough to be raised by aware parents who know that there is another world that exists alongside the physical land in which we as incarnate beings live. Others are less fortunate and receive dire warnings that they are evil and must never talk about “ghosts” as they are the devil in disguise trying to trick them into losing their immortal souls. Such medieval nonsense is little better than telling children that the “Bogey Man” will get them if they are naughty. As adults we owe a duty of care to our children and responding to their honest accounts of interactions with spirits by issuing threats and intimidation is to fail in that duty.

"How do I teach my child to meditate? How do I share my love of metaphysics with my children? My child has no interest in guided meditations and prayer. Isn’t he spiritual?"

These kinds of questions are often asked by parents who have discovered a metaphysical and spiritual path for themselves. Believing that we are spiritual beings who have a body, parents want their children to grow up tuning into that inner reality. However, lacking models for how to nurture spirituality in children, most parents are at a loss when it comes to how to inspire children to express that side of themselves. Yet childhood, when the heart is so open to love and inspiration, is the perfect time to affirm children's soul-nature and help them tune into a higher reality.

In the CMS “New Children” program we share ideas that many parents and teachers have tried and found successful in helping children have spiritual experiences.

One of the principal reasons that parents give up on being able to share their metaphysical and spiritual paths with their children is that they do not know how to work with their children's energy to help them be calm and focused enough to listen inside. We have to choose the right moment to try a new and intensely focused activity.

Think of it this way: If someone were going to give you a precious pearl ring, would you be able to receive it in the right spirit if you were watching the news, complaining about your difficulties at work, or driving in a traffic jam? Or would you prefer that the giver choose a moment when you were quiet, centered, and receptive?

When we teach our children that they have resources within that Divine Spirit is everywhere and available to us, we are giving them precious pearls. So in each of these lessons we will not only give you an activity to try with children which will help them tune into Spirit, we will also give you a practical way to help children relax and focus, becoming receptive to the pearls you wish to share.

You want to allow their gifts to develop naturally, at a pace that they can cope with... and at the same time, you must teach them appropriate values – compassion, acceptance and responsibility – in order for the kids to make the most of their gifts. To assist these kids we suggest that you as parents:

Be an observant, aware and alert parent – keep a journal of what you notice coming from your children – record their dreams and thoughts, any unusual experiences – and review the journal regularly.  This will help you to tune into their symbology and also help you to figure out how to help them... over time you will notice patterns and so on that will be meaningful and then you can help the kids to understand what is going on for them...

Be an active listener for them – what we mean is, when they come to you with a story or an experience, ask probing questions to help them assimilate and understand what has happened, e.g. start by saying something like, "isn't that interesting, and who else was with you? What time was it; did you get a sense of the season? Where were you? Did you smell anything? What colors did you notice? How do you know that, dear? Where did you hear/learn that? What makes you say that? What else did you see, feel, notice?" questions that express interest and acceptance and at the same time help you both to dig a little deeper into what is going on.

Avoid "performances" – i.e. don't put your kids on the spot by asking them to make predictions, do healings or see past lives, or whatever for your friends, guests or whomever.... And if they should see something spontaneously, teach them to be respectful about their gifts – one way this manifests is that we don't tell folks stuff or do any work on them without asking their permission... anything we do in the spiritual realms must be "for the good of all, according to the free will of all" – the only exceptions is when there is some danger, and then we have an obligation to speak to help someone to avoid harm. 

Teach them to eat naturally, and to live balanced lives – lots of sleep, healthy play, lots of good time in nature, with animals and peers... connecting with nature and with animals will help your kids to stay grounded – and will also help them to connect with their gifts and even practice in ways that are easy and fun... teach them to talk with the trees and the rocks in your garden – they probably already are talking with them, but may not understand how closely connected they are with the elements of their world.  Eating natural foods - no processed stuff, low on sugars and simple carbohydrates, little soda or junk food, lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, this will make sure the kids are strong physically and can handle the energy they are running – as we raise our vibrational frequencies, we need to be very careful of our diets, some foods just don't agree with us... in fact you may find the kids have a variety of allergies... you can avoid some of these problems by eating right and staying with natural foods, whole grains, fresh veggies and foods, home baking instead of store bought treats... Avoid drugs, as much as possible, seek natural remedies. 

Teach them to ground – Try to keep the environment happy, lots of color, plants, living things, except around the sleeping area where they needs tranquility... try also to live close to the ground, this will help the kids to stay grounded...  keep the environment natural, warm and comfortable and organized – have some stones and crystals around.... that may seem like an odd suggestion, but for these extra sensitive kids, an organized home and life is comforting... and the stones help them to tune in...  their minds are absorbing a lot more information than ours may be, and they are sensitive to the energy associated with confusion... having things organized around them also helps them to organize the information they are receiving more easily. Sleep is also very important to these Indigo kids, but they may not need a lot... what they need is quiet time, a space to chill out and sort out all of the energy they have been exposed to in a day... if they can't sleep, they can read quietly, listen to some good music, draw... any quiet contemplative task that will enable them to relax and process some energy. We urge parents to insist on at least 10 hours of down time every day for these kids... if they don't want to sleep, then they must learn to meditate and relax in this time, to read, write, draw, sing – yes, sing, that's good for the soul and can help these little ones to focus their minds so they can finally relax. But they must stay in their rooms for this time, no radio, TV or other toys... (I exempt dolls and cuddly things from the no toys rule in this quiet time) they need this quiet time desperately to recharge, and also to assimilate what they are sensing and feeling in a day.

Be knowledgeable yourself – invest some time and energy in learning about the psychic realms, creation philosophy, mediumship, interdimensional communications, astral traveling, out of body experiences, ghosts and spirits. Be prepared to answer questions honestly - and even more importantly, to be able to relate to your child's experiences and help them to make the most of their gifts.

From there it's up to you... we would encourage you to get these kids involved in a meditation class – this will help them to work with their abilities, no matter what they are.  There are a growing number of books targeted to these children; books that will help them learn some of the basics, the values that are necessary and also to explore their abilities.

We recommend that you take as many classes and read as much as you can about being psychic and mediumship and metaphysics and spirituality in general – study quantum physics especially and learn about how we create our own reality... And you will all need to study the symbols – e.g. the nature symbols and colors that come as messages... there are lots of good books on these and by being knowledgeable and understanding yourself you will be a good guide for your kids. 

You want to allow their gifts to develop naturally, at a pace that they can cope with... and at the same time, you must teach them appropriate values – compassion, acceptance and responsibility - in order for the kids to make the most of their gifts. 

Remember that these are kids still, special kids maybe, but ordinary kids all the same... what they need most is love and a nurturing environment in which to grow and build on their natural talents... no different from a talented ball player or a young musician... So, we do hope that helps.

 What can CMS do to help you and your children?

Think back to your grade school experience. Did you look forward to school? Did you truly enjoy school? Did you feel that what you were learning was meaningful and relevant to your life? Were you able to explore your true interests and fully develop your innate abilities?

If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, how would your school experience have had to be different for you to be able to say "yes"? Now, imagine if you had attended a school where the only curriculum you followed was the one you created by discovering and exploring your interests. Imagine if you were not tested unless you asked to be. Imagine if electing your teachers was a normal yearly affair. And imagine if it all happened in a respectful, democratic community. Had you attended a school like that, do you think you would still have become a functional, contributing adult? And if you could offer that opportunity to your children, do you think they would become functional adults?

After 20 years of operation, the College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS) has proven that educational freedom in a democratic setting produces highly functioning adults who exhibit high self-esteem, strong self-confidence and intense inner motivation. And now, our “New Children” School, is set to begin the same tradition.

But how can that be in a school with no academic curriculum, no testing?

All humans are naturally curious and driven to challenge themselves. Does not the mountain climber who has conquered one face progress to a more difficult face? Does not the scientist who has made one discovery go on to seek another? Human beings don’t like to be bored. Only through challenging ourselves and constantly learning new things do we remain satisfied and "alive." That is as true for children as it is for adults. The CMS believes that when children are free to follow their passions and interests, they do a magnificent job of educating themselves.

Children who exhibit special sensitive skills need to be able to read in order to satisfy their desire for more information about them; so, they learn to read. They many have never studied the subject but will have a personal reason to learn it so they do. The majority of children have never focused on writing but their passion for learning these special subjects will drive them to ask for writing classes.

The motivation that drives children to learn ensures that they do learn. There is no memorization, no "cramming." but rather passion, a need for information, its direct and immediate application. All this leads to retention. As for evaluation, is it necessary here? Does this kind of learning need to be graded, proven? At The CMS evaluation other than testing arises naturally from daily life. It takes place in ways such as: introspection (a personal sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction), spontaneous feedback from others, achieving success or encountering failure, and being able to communicate what’s been learned. So perhaps educational freedom is not a bad idea… but what about structure? Don’t children need structure? There is no lack of structure at The CMS. The organization of the school rests on democracy, which creates structures such as: staff and student created rules, one-on-one faculty advisors, and parents must undergo the same program so the child feels at home, school meetings with the parent and teacher, certification procedures, committees, clerks, and corporations.

So, neither structure nor learning is missing at CMS. And freedom, joy, passion and responsibility are fully present. Is there anything else, then, that is required to make this educational approach a success? TRUST. Trust on the part of the parents. Parents need to believe in the school philosophy and release any tendency to direct their child’s learning. And they need to understand and accept the non-interfering and non-directing approach of staff members. And with all these elements in place, CMS can produce whole, highly functioning adults. We, at The College of Metaphysical Studies, New Children department, are looking forward to watching it happen in the same successful way the CMS has been doing for over 20 years!