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Metaphysical Teaching Education Program

The right of graduation from the Metaphysical Teaching Education Program is granted when you provide evidence of being prepared to practice the metaphysical teaching profession. This evidence is more than spending a certain length of time in training and completing designated courses. Evidence of being prepared to teach metaphysics emphasizes spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity; devotion to a life-style of service to others; metaphysical, spiritual and intellectual clarity about the purpose and meaning of the metaphysical teaching profession; and the demonstrated skills to work effectively with people, organize one's own life, and understand administrative responsibilities appropriate to your chosen field of service.

Specific requirements are:

  1. The satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 credits of work over a minimum period of three calendar year. This includes an internship of 4 credit hours (60 contact hours) to be performed during this period.

  2. Any additional requirements which the faculty may assess as a result of reviews or conferences.

  3. All work counted toward the hours required for graduation must be completed with the grade of E (excellent) or S (satisfactory).

  4. Evidence of such metaphysical, spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity as will support the judgment, by the faculty, of your readiness and fitness as a metaphysical teacher.

  5. Recommendation of the faculty.

Graduation from the CMS Metaphysical Teaching Education Program does not mean automatic certification as a metaphysical practitioner, teacher, or administrator. A student who successfully completes the prescribed three-year course of study shall receive a degree entitled Bachelor of Religious/Metaphysical Education. Individual Intern Programs will be customized to the availability of each student by the CMS faculty advisor. Service hours performed will be converted to credit hours and entered on the official student transcript. (See Internship, Licensing and Ordination for Certification Programs).

Internship and Certification

A student successfully completing the prescribed three-year course of study shall receive a diploma entitled Bachelor of Religious/Metaphysical Education. Student's may begin their internship program after the first year of course work is complete. If accepted to the intern program the student will then spend the remaining time developing skills and demonstrating teaching ability by performing such duties under the supervision of a faculty advisor or a CMS certified teacher or ordained minister. A student is required to perform 60 hours (4 credit hours) of service time as prescribed by the faculty advisor. At the successful completion of the internship program, and upon recommendation of the faculty advisor, CMS certified teacher or ordained minister the student will receive a Teaching Certification from the New Awareness Ministries, International. The internship can include, but is not limited to the following:

Serve as a classroom monitor.

Serve as a student teacher.

Assist the senior teacher in preparing lessons and lesson plans.

Any combination of the above or other projects approved by the CMS.

It should be understood that the internship is designed to test "on site" skills of the student, to place the trainee in a situation requiring accountability to a congregation or other group.

During the year the student should make monthly reports (or arrange monthly conferences) with their supervisor to assess progress.

At the conclusion of the internship, the student is a candidate for certification by the New Awareness Ministries International. Certification is not an honor automatically conferred after completing course work and the internship program. The quality of the candidate's work is assessed by the New Awareness Ministries International and the CMS which may also interview candidates before bestowing certification and hereby so reserves the right to do so. See Certification Policy.

Bachelor Of Religious/Metaphysical Education
Required Course Checklist

Inner Development Studies

ID-100 Releasing Fear Through Love 1.5
ID-101 Listening To Your Inner Guide 1.0
ID-102 Meditation Through Spiritual Awareness 1.0
ID-103 Releasing Guilt Through Forgiveness 1.5
ID-104 A Practical Approach To Building Self-Worth 1.5
ID-105 The Principles Of Creative Responsibility 1.5
SA-104 Principle Of Success Through Giving 0.5
TH-111 Introduction to Inner Spirituality 3.0
TH-113 Fundamentals of Inner Spirituality 3.0

14.5 credit hours          

Mind and Energy Studies

HA-101 The Metaphysical Use Of Mind And Energy 3.0
IA-100 Introduction To Intuitive Development 1.0
CT-100 A Practical Approach To Expanding The Mind (Formerly SE-100) 5.0
CT-101 A Metaphysical and Spiritual Approach to the Power of Thought 3.0
CT-102 Journaling for Spiritual and Physical Health 2.0
PP-101 Introduction to the Mind Over Matter 5.0
IA-104 Manifestation Through Creative Visualization 3.0

22.0 credit hours          

Miscellaneous Studies

MS-100 Introduction To Mysticism 1.5
EP-100 Esoteric Teachings Of A Christine Master 8.0
RS-100 Introduction to Comparative Religion Through Metaphysics 8.0
TH-102 Spiritual Center Leadership 1.5
BI-100 Interpreting The Old Testament Through Metaphysics 2.0
BI-101 Interpreting The New Testament Through Metaphysics 3.0

24.0 credit hours          

Metaphysical Teaching Studies

MT-100 Spiritual Guidelines For The Metaphysical Teacher 0.5
MT-101 Adult Education Teaching Techniques 3.5
PC-102 Introduction to Spiritual Counseling 4.0
IC-102 Platform Decorum For The Metaphysical Practitioner 2.0

10.0 credit hours          

Metaphysical And Prosperity Studies

ME-100 Metaphysics In Our Daily Lives 3.5
ME-101 The Metaphysical Approach To Self-Development 3.5
ME-102 Metaphysical And Spiritual Approach To Business Success 2.0
ME-106 Creating a Metaphysical Mindset 1.5
ME-107 Practical Metaphysics 4.0
ME-108 Metaphysical Spirituality and Christianity 3.0
TH-100 The Metaphysical Ethic 2.0
TH-106 A Historical and Theological Perspective on the New Age 3.0

22.5 credit hours          

Elective Studies

Any combination of CMS courses totaling 24.0 credit hours

24.0 credit hours          

Intern Programs

Metaphysical Education Intern Program 4.0

4.0 credit hours          

TOTAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION          120.0 credit hours